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Saturday, November 16th, 2013

I did a couple of quick doodles of Uncle Creepy and Cousin Eerie some time back and thought I should try to complete the run by doing the final Warren Publishing title character — at least the last one I’m aware of — Vampirella, the never-overdressed vampire. She’d be arrested for indecent exposure at a nudist colony. Don’t vampires ever feel cold or self-conscious? But back to the subject. The Creepy and Eerie sketches were fun to draw since I only had to quickly fashion their faces. This one, however, took hours since, even if I had caught Vampirella’s facial features, which, alas, I didn’t, the character still demanded a rendition of her torso. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about anatomy, undead or otherwise, so the result was not worth the time invested. My attempt at cheesecake turned out bloody awful, but since it’s of Vampirella, that makes it all right. Maybe next time, if there is a next time, I’ll draw Cousin Eerie dressed in her outfit. That should be fun. Or at least creepy.

Cousin Eerie

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

Early one morning, some time back, I did a quick sketch of Warren Publishing’s Uncle Creepy. Today I was torn between either drawing a companion Cousin Eerie or doing another self-portrait. This was my decision. I won’t divulge the mystery of who it represents, but I will let drop a clue that Kathy won’t let me in the house unless I put a bag over my head.

Uncle Creepy

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

There’s not much to this drawing. I did it in the morning while waiting for the rest of my family to stir from their caskets. If there is any “inspiration” behind it, I guess it would be the following:

Eric Shonborn, my fellow OK, Panicker, is accepting commissions at his website. On those rare occasions when I’m not flat broke, I invariably have him draw an Uncle Creepy or Cousin Eerie for me. I always wanted to try my own monstrous hand rendering those two, and today I had the time.

Sarah recently checked out a library book detailing the history of “Mad” magazine. It’s unarguable that Jack Davis is a genius, but I had forgotten just how astounding he is until I saw his rendition of Ernie Kovac’s Percy Dovetonsils. Amazing! And, as all good little ghoulies know, Jack Davis created the images of both our avuncularly jolly Uncle Creepy and our charming Cousin Eerie for the dearly departed Warren Publishing.

Finally, my father was a strikingly handsome man for all his ninety-plus years and I always assumed I’d look just like him when I grew up. Alas, the mirror shows instead I look more and more like Uncle Creepy with each passing day. Maybe that’s why Kathy wakes up shrieking every morning. What a sore loser.