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In Sarah’s Woods

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Titian. Van Gogh. Matisse. Wheeler Hall. Immortal and sublime colorists all. And now a new member joins this august company, our own Sarah Potter. This drawing is one in an informal series whereby I attempt a more-or-less complete drawing in two hours or less. Once the bell tolls the piece is dead and I do not touch it. All the mistakes and embarrassments, and there are many, are left undisturbed. I consider this a weak and vapid piece, not at all what I wanted, and was going to inter it away where it would never see the light of day. Then Sarah came by and said she liked it but that it needed butterfly wings and, if I added those, she would like to color it. And thus the piece was resuscitated from the very mouth of the grave. It was too heavily shaded to be colored on directly, so I made a quick outline tracing for Sarah. Her first bit of artistic license was to change the image’s gender, after which she plied her color pencils. Compare the before and after! Being an unbiased and disinterested viewer, I think her work is quite impressive. I’m sure you agree.

Sunday Afternoon Serial #2: “A Better Comics Shopper” – Part 1

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

This is the first page of a four page story that appeared in Mini-Mouths #3 (see previous post). It appeared in b&w in Mini-Mouths, but will appear in color in four parts here. Join us next week for the second page of “A Better Comics Shopper.”

For the Birds (Alternative Colors)

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Sarah, my daughter, had a different vision for the OK, Panic! Batman Villains piece I drew. Wheeler re-colored it to her specifications and agreed to post it here. Sarah’s response:

“Your recolored Penguin meets my standards.”