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Saturday, November 16th, 2013

I did a couple of quick doodles of Uncle Creepy and Cousin Eerie some time back and thought I should try to complete the run by doing the final Warren Publishing title character — at least the last one I’m aware of — Vampirella, the never-overdressed vampire. She’d be arrested for indecent exposure at a nudist colony. Don’t vampires ever feel cold or self-conscious? But back to the subject. The Creepy and Eerie sketches were fun to draw since I only had to quickly fashion their faces. This one, however, took hours since, even if I had caught Vampirella’s facial features, which, alas, I didn’t, the character still demanded a rendition of her torso. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about anatomy, undead or otherwise, so the result was not worth the time invested. My attempt at cheesecake turned out bloody awful, but since it’s of Vampirella, that makes it all right. Maybe next time, if there is a next time, I’ll draw Cousin Eerie dressed in her outfit. That should be fun. Or at least creepy.


Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

I painted this in 2005. Kathy hated it then and she hates it now. I, conversely, am inordinately pleased with how it turned out and wouldn’t mind if I could paint more pieces in the same manner.

“A Merry Old Soul (to Life!)”

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

“Like God did God make man; male and female made He them.”

Albeit but a pale and stunted imitation of the Eternal’s, a father’s love for his children still defies earthly measurement or mortal description. To celebrate Sarah’s arrival into the world and her maturing, I’d hoped to do a series of paintings based on nursery rhymes. I was only able to paint a few over the years, the first one being Old King Cole. Together he and I welcomed new life into this old place. And the years tumbled by and my newborn infant was suddenly a toddler, her hair matted with peas and applesauce. And now that toddler stands suddenly before me a radiant young woman, her hair still matted with peas and applesauce. She so takes after her mother. Once another Old King Cole and I bid a joyous greeting to baby Sarah; now this one and I join in wishing her a wistful farewell as she becomes an independent adult. It seems only a few days ago I brought her into the world and now she’s all ready to go out into it to find her own place and make her own mark. I know from experience that it’s a scary old world but I also know from experience that Sarah can be even scarier. Through these all-too-short years, you’ve made this old man very merry indeed, Sarah. Go get ‘em, girl!

One last bit of purple prose pontificating. Nothing is symmetrical in this piece, Sarah, everything is lopsided. That’s my preemptive visual sermon if someone should ever tell you that your life should be perfectly balanced, predictable, safe and unvaryingly pleasant. Such a fate may be fine for a goldfish in its bowl, but it’s a miserable lot for a human being. Almost everything in this life is slightly out of plumb, asymmetrical, off-kilter and askew. It’s rare to have a perfect fit. Although that might be irritating at times, it also means that no door can ever be irreversibly shut in this life, it’s always slightly ajar — and that’s part of the adventure that makes this life worth the living.