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For the Birds (Alternative Colors)

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Sarah, my daughter, had a different vision for the OK, Panic! Batman Villains piece I drew. Wheeler re-colored it to her specifications and agreed to post it here. Sarah’s response:

“Your recolored Penguin meets my standards.”

It’s Getting Better All the Time

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

This is another drawing done for a conference that had units based on Beatles’ songs. I am not a political animal by any means, so I’m rather taken aback by how much this character reminds me of Jimmy Carter. I’m also almost certain the satyr was based on a Rubens’ figure. But back to the main figure and his apparent apotheosis. I tried to express things getting better for him by having everything rapturously swirling about him. This also was no doubt inspired by Rubens. Satyrs dance joyously around Jimmy; cherubs happily bring bouquets; the dog adores him with fervent adulation even beyond that of an ordinary canine (its front paws are supposed to imply that it’s blissfully adoring Jimmy, not that it’s having a particularly difficult bowel movement. Although with dogs, how can one really be sure?). In fact, the only thing that could be better than being Jimmy would be to be Jimmy’s dentist.