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Project Basement – Bad Good Guy!

Monday, August 15th, 2011

When the call went out for submissions to Project Basement Volume 4 (Good Bad Guys or Bad Good Guys), Keith Stammer suggested: “Wouldn’t it be funny if Spider-Man were holding up a magnifying glass to burn Ant-Man?” Of course, Wheeler agreed and asked me to give it my all. I did. Wheeler colored it. And it was accepted and published yesterday, Sunday, August 14, 2011. Click the image above to be taken to the Project Basement project on Audio Shocker. While there, feel free to leave a comment, look around, or check out other submissions to Project Basement.

“With A Little Help”

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Some time back there was a conference where I work. The attendees were from organizations notorious for acronyms, thus explaining the gibberish on the boat’s stern. Each day’s theme was based on a Beatles’ song, thus explaining this piece’s title. I was asked to doodle something for each day’s conference, thus explaining this picture. I was not invited to attend the conference, thus explaining why it was a success. I only had a small stash of color pencils at the time so that limitation made this project simultaneously frustrating and intriguing.