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Greek Myths #4: “Polyphemus”

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Another figure based on Greek mythology, specifically The Odyssey. This is the Cyclops Polyphemus, he who shamelessly breaks the sacred xenial laws and feasts upon men. Each morning he awakens with the stale taste of human flesh still in his throat and clotted gore on his hands. And he vows to himself in anguish that this new day will be different and he will no longer be a monster. Then each evening upon retiring, with the taste of fresh human flesh on his tongue and sticky blood steaming on his hands, he vows to himself tomorrow will be different. But nothing changes. For can a monster, or anyone, ever overcome its very nature? And so the cycle of the Cyclopes goes miserably on and on and on.

Roger Ebert Tweets About ‘The Birds’ by Jason Young

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

As many of you know, OK Panic is a Web site art project by Wheeler Hall and his cohorts (me, Jason Young, Eric Shonborn, and Pat Kain). What many of you don’t know (and what I’m announcing here) is that Roger Ebert, the film critic, recently became aware of our Web site and tweeted about it to all of his followers online. He specifically mentioned Jason’s piece ‘The Birds’ which was drawn for the theme ‘If Poe Wrote Pogo.’ Needless to say, all of Panic and its fans are in a tizzy over the news. If you’re a little late on the uptake, you can read Mr. Ebert’s tweet (hosted at the Chicago Sun-Times blog) here:


Portrait of Lady Helen Vincent

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Here’s an oddity. This was a commissioned piece, an oil on canvas, and it was one of the largest works I’ve attempted. It’s based on a John Singer Sargent. If I remember correctly, the requester wanted a copy but we’re talking about SARGENT, for pity’s sake, and I’m just me so the work is merely a crudely amateurish, prosaic, unreasonable facsimile. In my defense, I dimly remember working from a small picture in a book so there were times I was only guessing at what I was trying to translate. Sargent’s work is always so fluid and facile and confident and amazing. Lacking those and countless other attributes, I trudged along, not achieving anything to withstand the ravages of time but learning a lot at the knee of a master.

To see Singer’s original, click here:

Ohio Online Visual Artist Registry

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

At the top of this entry, you’ll find a piece entitled “Moon Set” by Barb Stork. She’s my sister-in-law, and a fantastic fine artist as well. This is what she had to say about the piece:

“This piece is special because it brings up a happy memory. I did this piece last summer when I was on crutches due to an ankle injury. With [my husband] Jim’s help I was able to crutch out to the prairie at Grant Park and set up a chair to paint. Jim gave me a hard time because it took us so long to get to that point. (He was cracking me up as usual which slowed us down even more). He then took Patches [our dog] on an extra long walk so I could complete the painting.”

If you like it, click the link Ohio Online Visual Artist Registry to see other landscapes (acrylic and watercolor) by this talented artist.

Now, as for my work, ah yes, the Ohio Online Visual Artist Registry (yes, I’ve linked to my pathetic page) – I had almost forgotten that I had created a portfolio there, too. The problem is, my pieces are nowhere near as good as Barb’s. Please keep in mind that my drawings and paintings posted there are over 10 years old, and when I look at them, it’s almost like I’m looking at another artist’s work.

I am, however, fond of Spring Day (represented below). I wish I had the original or had made a photocopy.

Alas! I think what I dislike the most is the reproduction quality of my pieces (and don’t even ask me to go into the reprehensibile execution).

If you visit the registry in the future, please disregard my page and visit Barb’s. At least there, you’ll see some well-executed paintings.


Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Last in the series of three ‘just for fun’ doodles.