OK, Panic!

OK, Panic! is a site administered by my friend, Wheeler Hall. He asked me and three other local artists (Pat Kain, Eric Shonborn, and Jason Young) if we would like to be a part of his bi-weekly art collective. Click on the thumbnail above to see a larger version of the self-portrait I sketched for the site.

Here’s how it works: Every two weeks, the artists are presented with a theme from popular culture. Each, then, envisions and realizes an illustration or other piece of art in the style of his choosing using the established theme as a jumping off point. There’s a lot of freedom and fun to be had in this collective, and I am happy to be a part of it.

That’s why I’m sharing it with all of you in this post. So, hurry up! Head on over to OK, Panic! and check out some really cool art. And remember to go back again and again (at least once every two weeks) to see my new posts there.

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3 Responses to “OK, Panic!”

  1. Eric says:

    This would have been my favorite self portrait of the four. Unfortunately, no nipples. Nipples win all.

  2. Jeff says:

    But it has bells on its shoes! Doesn’t that count for anything anymore? Alas, what a world we live in! Well, all right then, I’m willing to compromise. The next one will have bells with nipples.

  3. Wheeler says:

    Nipples with bells? Ring-a-ding-ding…

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