“A Good Egg, All in All”

Here’s a piece with no pompous pseudo-philosophical pontificating needed to describe the agenda behind it! It is what it is as an egg is an egg is an egg. It was painted just for the joy of painting. A rare bird indeed!

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2 Responses to ““A Good Egg, All in All””

  1. jason young says:

    It’s a joy to view as well… it is beautiful!

  2. Jeanie says:

    Ahhhh—-you paid homage to one of Brooke’s favorite nursery rhymes. Your Humpty looks far more superior than any I’ve seen in the numerous nursery rhyme books I’ve read over the past dozen years. It is sublime and I love your painting detail! You would be phenomenal illustrating all the Mother Goose rhymes. How come you got the artist extraordinaire gene and I got the lousy old dishwasher gene?

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