Potter’s Bio

Jeff was born in the mid-fifties to a musically and artistically inclined family of Tennessee-Virginia stock. Lacking any musical ability, he spent most of his childhood drawing. One of his fondest memories of his misspent youth was repeatedly watching his mother adroitly draw one mean Popeye on demand. To this day, he still wishes he could draw the old tar as well as she could.

Years later, he married the love of his life and so became an in-law to Jim and Barb Stork, two great local artists. He also worked in the same building (in a non-art job) with Gene Lehman, one of the greatest all-around artists of this or any other generation. Being exposed to these three inspired Jeff to start working in earnest.

He resides unobtrusively in Ohio with his wife and daughter, who luckily takes after her mother.

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  1. Robin Hays says:

    Finally got to see it. LOVE IT! It has been a true pleasure to have been touched (no comment Jeff) by your family!

  2. b stork says:

    Hi Jeff,
    OK, Don’t Panic! What Impressive Work! I can’t wait to come back to this and share with the rest of the fam. This is a site to savor. I’d write that you are a witty, funny fellow and a super talented artist but that just might go to your head.

  3. Robin says:

    AFRL/AFIT girl…I resemble this. Love the wolf pic. If you remember I had and still do, an entire shelf in office dedicated to that marvelous animal (the wolf not you). Miss you 2. Sarah, like the rest, is growing so quickly. [I told you I would check on this...SO GLAD I DID!]

  4. Trixie Potter says:

    I don’t know if this is where we were supposed to leave a comment about Sarah’s poem and drawing. She has talent but that is no surprise after the stock she comes from. God gives the gifts, but we have to develope them and use them. Sarah has a wonderful supportive family. We are proud of Jeff and Sarah’s art talent. And then there is the master gardener, Kathy Potter. She not only has a green thumb, but ALL of her fingers are green. LOL

  5. Trixie Potter says:

    You still got it brother!!!

  6. Sorry for posting this here but I couldn’t find contact information. I thought you should know Buzzfeed included your Marvel Two-In-One Christmas parody in one of their articles, with credit given to Marvel.com.


  7. Katie says:

    I work at AFIT and we are working on preparing for the 100th anniversary in 2019 and I am trying to track down Gene Lehman. I was wondering if you might have any contact information for him?
    Thank You!

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